Rejoice The Event Of Witnessing Your Illusions Meltdown

by Pale



released March 10, 2015



all rights reserved
Track Name: Stuck Inside A Stalemate
I'm sick of paradigms
running in circles

problem fixed by intelligence that created it
the archetypal paradox of living
this puzzle rearranged is not working at all
no revolution will outcome our ignorance

disillusion makes you wild
no way you'll lose your grip on them
just tightly hold on
so just let me be
i'm only trying to be
the one not left behind
Track Name: Hard Not To Condescend
sick and tired i wait for you
I'm running out of hope
sick and tired I'm washed out here
but no one's coming

somewhere you must have taken the wrong way
and I'm having hard time not to condescend

fuck your left wing right wing choice it's idiocracy
fuck your Jesus died for our sins it's idiocracy
fuck your televised ideal life it's idiocracy
i can't believe your devolution
Track Name: No Easy Way Earned
last things to arrive
having broken up the threads
one thing to our lives
it's being broken times again
unscared of walking
unscared of feeling
unscared of being
your every breath

I'm acting day by day reminding
the lines are already there so play it
Track Name: Fabric Of Structural Collapse
it's morphing into structural collapse
on global scale we'll starve ourselves to death
colossal parasite feeds of our routine
everything taken for granted
outsourced into oblivion

dead to the morning light
saved by the evening lies

seems the case is that we've grown strangers to ourselves
thinking through is never easy as it seems
our fabric won't absorb
nutrients of our good intentions
our bowels won't dispose
products of our bad decisions